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    • Patch note update 2.6 (Temporary)

      This article contains temporary informations about the update 2.6 and what you can expect to find in it.

      --> Fixed a issue who prevented your character from taking radiations when you had the perk Immortality (Rank 2)
      --> Immortality (Rank 4): description changed.

      --> Bloodbath (Rank 4): The perk is now removed from the game and will not be displayed anymore in the list of obtained perks, it's effects are also nullified.
      (To be clear, the perk is not deleted from the datas, it is simply not available anymore for the players)

      --> Rain of bullets: fixed a incorrect value who was giving 100% probability to restore a full magasine when reloading with a empty magasine.
      The chances to have this effect occur are now 12% (20% if you...

    • Realistic Consumables

      The latest version, now covers all of the consumables. 98% changed.

      More detailed description: 

      Food: Everything has rads, except the food from the Institute and Vault 81. All health and magic effects removed. 

      Drinks and Alcohol: Everything has rads, except from the Institute and Vault 81. Changed the alcohol to have effects to simulate being tipsy and drunk. For example: beer=tipsy, Vodka and Rum=drunk. Changed the "Dirty Wastelander" to be similar with beer. Sodas changed to simulate getting a light sugar rush. 

      Drugs and Chems: Changed them to be as realistic, lore-friendly and balanced as possible. The effects on drugs mirrors the description from the lore.

      Meds: Stimpaks now heal very slowly and are active for 12 hours. T...

    • Notes de mise a jour de la version 2.6 (Temporaire)

      Cet article comporte des informations temporaires sur la mise à jour 2.6 et des ajouts que celle-ci peut ajouter.

      --> Correction d'un problème qui annulait les radiations subies dans l'eau lorsque vous aviez l'aptitude Increvable (rang 2)
      --> Increvable (rang 4): description modifiée.

      --> Bain de sang (Rang 4) est désormais retiré du jeu et n'apparaîtra plus dans la liste d'aptitudes obtenues dans le Pip-boy, ses effets sont également annulés.

      --> Pluie de cartouches: correction d'une valeur qui conférait 100% de chances de restaurer le contenu du chargeur en rechargeant manuellement: les chances d'obtenir cet effet sont désormais correctement de 12% (20% si vous avez l'aptitude Farfouilleur rang 4 également)


    • Sunset Junkyard

      Please comment for bugs and feedback!...

    • Update 1.1

      Removed the Sanctuary Estates - Institute Version requirement from the file....

    • Slocan Lake BC

      The updated and betterfied map mod of New Denver; Slocan Lake BC now has vehicle spawns, Rosebery, New Denver, and Silverton start points, full map forage zones, and lootable maps to help find your way around. Welcome to British Columbia, Canada Bud! 

    • Nordhagen Lives. Neither Raiders nor Pirates. A toughened group of survivors thrives by trading abundant ocean resources.

      Original settlers beach combed resources to cobble together a defendable area. Using beached barges carrying shipping containers they found refuge from the coastal weather. Vulnerable to Super Mutant attacks from the south and Raiders from the north they had to be tough. Over time the area has grown into a vital food trading center.

      This is follow on upload from my first effort with Starlight Drive In Trading Hub And Settlement. This one similarly makes use of the resources that were available. (I literally picked up everything, logs, boats, even rocks, and used them to form the initial barricade.) 

      In all my playthroughs of this game I have never done anything with this settlement. I think its a horrible place to build.  That made it a perfect location to take on...

    • Goshen Sagas Goshen Alpha4 for Crusader Kings 2 patch 3.0 Released

      Slavery in Goshen takes 3 forms, via Crown Laws.
      This form is individual, a slave being servant to a master for a set time then eventually released.
      This is the first form of population slavery, where groups of people are enslaved for hard labor, though children born in Thralldom are freeborn.
      This is the pinnacle form of population slavery, with it children born to slaves are themselves slaves.
      Thrall and Chattel forms enable the Slave Raid cb so they can fill slave holds in their capital as well as 'honorably' gain court slaves, though less scrupulous individuals can force their prisoners into slavery. This is the only way for Thrall slaveholds to fill.
      With slavery comes anti-slavery, realms averse to slavery ca...

    • Fixed the water turning black


    • Add your wishes and comments here

      Here you can write your mod wishes and feedback for the mod Primm Sewer v1.0!...

    • Charge Arms from Phantasy Star Online

      Hey there,

      here is my first custom LBG^^

      Xeno Neqiina

      will be replaced with Charge Arms

      I will probably reupload it when i finished the HD textures....

    • Serana No Friendly Fire

           She’s supposed to be our ally – why does she keep blastingour other followers with frost spells? This mod should stop friendly fire. INTRODUCTIONShe’s my favorite vampire … and yours.  We know her, we love her, the one and onlySerana.  Yet she always seems to blasther own allies with frost spells in the middle of a fight, which causes them to
      turn around and attack her after the initial enemies are dead.  This mod aims to prevent that.THIS IS MY FIRST MOD AND DURING MY TESTING EVERYTHING WORKEDLIKE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO, SO PLEASE DON’T BURN DOWN MY HOUSE OR SHOOT MY DOG IF
      IT DOESN’T PERFORM TO YOUR EXPECTATIONS.WHAT THIS MOD DOESI simply created a new “Serana Friends Faction” and addedSerana and the various followers to it, and set them to be “f...

    • Future plans

      MY future pans if there is any interest is to make other characters into RWBY characters, current plans are:
      Abigal as Blake Belladonna,
      Emily as Ruby Rose (because she should be Yang's sister),
      Leah as Weiss,
      Lewis as Ozpin.

      Leave a comment if there is a particular one you want me to make sooner then later....

    • Thank DMQWMOD


    • Optimized Fallout 76 INIs for Stability and FPS

      Shadow distance and grass tweaks with a couple of effects disabled for performance....

    • Hunting Hide Armor

      A armor set for Young and old school hunter/huntress.
      Easy to build, craft the camo paste, craft the armor and go Hunting, you're now invisible...…...

    • Changelog


      * Released The Mod....

    • Common sense method Easy foundation

      Since capturing is easier to finish, if you can catch it
      I think that there are many people who capture.
      In addition, placing a bomb when the monster sleeps is a common sense method
      Let 's dare to cooperate with that culture.
      As I expected I would not put more than 120 bombs
      We included as many as 120 items, including ammunition systems.
      You can challenge a trap if it is 120 times.
      If it is 120 times, you can throw a ball.
      That's it.


    • ABR MOD 2.0: Content Progress

      Hi there!

      Weapon selection is over, I've rechecked all weapons. Some textures were changed or have been edited by me to make them seem as a part of one big pack, some models were replaced.

      Basic SVD with integrated custom PSO and poly-like furniture.

      Honorary PMM
      STCOP's PMM with added text.

      LR300 and SIG550 now has a short version of M203. This helped to remove bug when addon didn't show up and you could see only the grenade, also, the bug with ACOG was fixed. Thanks to PYP.

      ACOG has a darker lens and texture to fit weapons more.

      PSO texture has beed changed too.

      Now SVU, SVD and VSS has a detachable scopes, only Nimble's uniques has integrated optics. This is arguable gamepla...

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